Photonics for future chemical sensing

Fish farming

SentrOXY WQM series with Protective Cap

Our object is to offer a versatile, accurate and real-time water quality monitoring and control system that reliably provides actual data and predictions. Moreover, it is characterized by a low power consumption, low costs of ownership, and fair investment costs.

Our DO sensors combine flexibility with latest optical sensor technology to meet the high quality demands of our customers. The available sensor options are innovative devices which measure accurately in water – even in the harshest environments.

A key feature is the integrated radio-controlled interface. By leveraging passive, function-specific tags or accessories, users can control, calibrate and communicate with the sensors directly. eliminates the need to physically disconnect the devices – or to connect them to a computer or control unit – while performing these tasks. This smart wireless technology saves time and cuts costs.

SentrOxy WQM series
Optical DO sensors for water quality management and aquaculture applications.

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